About Us

Our shop in Bungay has now closed, however we are continuing to take online/phone orders for our best selling small items. 

Most of our items are now made to order, so please be aware that there may be a 10-14 day wait for your items to be made. However, if we have your item in stock we will get it posted to you within 2 working days via 2nd class post.

Nursey Sheepskin is the new brand name for one of England’s oldest sheepskin specialists, Nursey of Bungay. A company who have honed their expertise in this luxurious natural material over the last 166 years.

Tim Nursey, the current Managing Director, continues to develop this historical family business, handed down to him by his father in the 1970's. Originally set up by his great great great great grandfather in 1846, with years of knowledge, unique craftsmanship, impeccable garment care and the ability to source the finest skins across the world. This has been passed down from generation to generation and can be seen in the high quality of each Nursey Sheepskin garment that leaves the workshop.

Today, Tim still applies the same business acumen as his ancestor, and company founder, Samuel Nursey, “work only with the finest lambskins.” Each year the company searches for the highest quality Toscana, Merino Lambskin and Italian Leather to create beautiful, warm and stylish garments. Once delivered to the workshop in Suffolk, these skins are matched for colour and texture by eye and touch alone. From there they are then transformed into coats, slippers, gilets and many other products by the workshops team of expert seamstresses and cutters.

The unique production process and family environment of Nursey Sheepskin has created a loyal team, many who have been with the company for over 25 years. Therefore, providing a rich depth of experience, and wisdom that enables them to produce even the most challenging garments, with effortless skill. Cutting skins by hand, and then passing to the team of seamstresses, who use their Singer sewing machine from start to finish, produces each unique piece of the Nursey Collection.

All this care and attention, results in handmade garments of the highest quality. Nursey products are stronger and fit better than any other sheepskin you will own.  Nursey products on this website use ethically sourced skins, and over 95% are handmade in our Bungay factory in Suffolk.